Journey through the Body

The educational and preventive program that playfully teaches children to listen to their bodies and take good care of themselves.

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Journey through the Body

Discover your body

The children acquire knowledge about the design and function of the different body parts, which creates a deeper understanding of their body, increases body awareness and deepens and strengthens the relationship with the body.


Children learn to be fully present in the moment. Only in this way, the (subtle) signals of the body can be perceived and body awareness and self-awareness be increased. Mindfulness is a common thread throughout the program.

The body as a compass

Children learn to perceive the sensations in their bodies and to use them as a personal guide in taking good care of themselves. They learn to interpret the signals of their body and to act appropriately and lovingly.


A strong foundation for life

In the first seven years of life, the foundation is laid for the rest of our lives. That’s why we teach children important skills of well-being at an early age. They will reap the benefits of this for the rest of their lives.

Learning through PLAY

Studies show children naturally learn through play and movement. Therefore the class format includes exploration exercises, movement games, dance, yoga, imagination, and drawing. Evidence-based tools that enhance children’s well-being.

You are unique!

Children are seen and valued for who they are. Their uniqueness and authenticity are celebrated and their wisdom is being addressed. This promotes self-esteem and standing in their power.

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Free Ebook

Download your free Ebook now: a journey through the feet. One of the eight lesson plans from the book Journey through the Body. Full of inspiration and fun exercises to get you started.


Our offerings


Become a certified Journey through the Body teacher through a live online training or incompany training.


Get to know the program, deepen your knowledge and receive practical tools through inspiring workshops.

The program

Journey through the Body is an educational and preventive program for children. It teaches them to listen to their bodies in a playful way and to take good care of themselves.

Through body-centered education, mindfulness, movement (movement games, dance, yoga), visualization exercises, and drawing, three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life are promoted: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth.



Our international team of certified and passionate teachers is ready to playfully empower children and promote their well-being.

Waiting list teacher training

Journey through the Body does not offer new training courses at the moment. If you are interested in joining the online teacher training, please register for the waiting list. You will be the first to get informed when a training is coming up.



A wonderful program that every child should experience. Each child can get something out of this, for now, and in their future.

Nadia Danse, primary school teacher

Journey through the Body is a great way to help children become life artists.

Christel Koop, early childhood educator

A very valuable training!

Kelly de Haan, dance teacher

Being happy with who you are and feeling good about yourself… a basic right for every child, right? With the Journey through the Body training you get valuable tools to be able to pass on these important values ​​to children in a playful and pleasant way.

Ann Weyenberg, music teacher

The Journey through the Body training is recommended for anyone who wants to let children grow in their well-being in a thoughtful, playful and varied way. The variety of teaching methods and learning styles, based on pedagogical learning principles, means that you can find the 'entrance' in every child to more body and self-awareness. As a participant you also go home with a suitcase full of mental and physical tools and an enthusiasm that encourages you to get started right away. With the training you not only bring the children you are working with closer to themselves, that also applies to yourself!

Els van Doorslaer, educational support coordinator and coach

A journey full of learning about a wonderful program with an amazing trainer. I look forward very much to being able to give my students the opportunity to experience and enjoy all the benefits of this program. I would love to have had the chance to participate in a class like this as a child.

Siobhan Phillips, elementary school teacher

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