10 tips & affirmations to take good care of your body during the holidays.

The summer holidays are approaching and in some parts of my country the holidays have already started. The holiday period is a time for relaxation, letting go and recharging. You may choose to laze on the beach, dive into a beautiful novel or pamper yourself and your body with a visit to the sauna or a massage. There are many ways to relax your body and mind and recharge your battery.

In this blog I would like to share 10 tips with you on how you can take better care of your body during the summer holidays so that your body also experiences a holiday feeling. Each tip is accompanied by an affirmation. A positive phrase that you can say to yourself regularly. By repeating the sentence, you change your thoughts and behavior. They support taking good care of yourself.

Tip 1 – Slow down
Choose to do everything, including packing your suitcase, in peace and a slow pace. If necessary, plan more time for your activities, tasks and plans. Consciously, relaxed and with ease. Consciously moving at a pace that feels comfortable and gentle on the nervous system is a great way to relax and recharge the body.

“I do everything at my own natural pace. I choose relaxation and comfort to be present in my body.”

Tip 2 – Good morning check-in
When you wake up in the morning. First, sense your body. Observe the sensations, without judgment, and feel where any tension resides and what your body needs. For the rest of the day, choose movements and activities that can relieve tension and meet your body’s needs.

“I listen lovingly to my body and provide what it needs.”

Tip 3 – Choose comfort
In everything you do, every move you make, choose comfort. How can you adjust your actions and movements in such a way that your body experiences more comfort and is in a state of “dynamic-ease”. Active and at the same time in a relaxed and comfortable state. How can you do the dishes in a way that feels good for your body? How can you ride your bike or run in a way that brings relaxation to your body? How can you make your walk even more enjoyable?

“I choose comfort in my body in everything I do.”

Tip 4 – Pamper your body
Pamper your body! Only you know what your body likes and what makes it feel energetic, vital and nurtured. Gives your body some TLC… Tender Loving Care. Give yourself a foot massage or a foot bath and pamper your face with a face mask.

“I pay loving attention to my body.”

Tip 5 – Mindfulness
Be fully present in the moment with your attention. Activate all your senses and let your thoughts for what they are. When your mind wanders into the past or to the future, lovingly bring your attention back to the moment. For example, when you apply sunscreen, do so consciously. Be fully present…touch your skin with your full and loving attention. Smell the flowers and plants, hear the birds, see the setting sun, feel the sand and sea on your skin, taste the details of your meal.

“I am fully present in the moment and nourish myself and my body through my senses.”

Tip 6 – Nutrition
What does your body want to eat? Before you order something from the menu or cook a meal. Ask your body….”what do you want to eat?”, “what do you need?”. You may get an immediate answer through a hunch about a particular meal or when you look at the options on the menu, a dish resonates strongly with you. Your body knows what it needs to stay balanced and get the nutrients it needs. It is up to us to ask… to wait and listen and to trust the answer. Perhaps your body chooses something that you think… What??? Have faith!

“I feed my body the nutrients it needs and give it what it asks for.”

Tip 7 – Move
Movement is essential for a healthy body and a positive mind. It helps to get rid of any stress and it supports the nervous system. It also improves mood and gives energy. It is also good for blood circulation, breathing, the muscles, joints and bones. Take a nice walk in nature, swim in the sea, jump on your bike or participate in a nice yoga class. Whatever makes you move!

“I enjoy moving.”

Tip 8 – Check out
End your day with a moment of check-out – bring your attention to your breathing and feel how your body feels right now. What sensations and body parts can you perceive? Observe without judgment what presents itself, allowing all sensations, feelings and thoughts without holding on to them.

“I listen lovingly to my body and trust it’s innate wisdom. My body knows.”

Tip 9 – Gratitude
Before you go to sleep, take a moment to thank your body for everything that it made possible for you this day.

“I am grateful for my body and for everything it allows me to experience in this life.”

Tip 10 – Sleep
Don’t set an alarm and let your body decide for itself how long it wants to sleep for a day. Or when you feel tired during the afternoon, take an afternoon nap. Sleep is essential. A good night’s sleep ensures that you are mentally more clear and more alert the next day, it ensures a cheerful and positive attitude to life, a more attractive appearance, reduces the risk of disease, and so much more.

“I give myself and my body a good night’s sleep. My battery is fully charged again during the night.”

Have a nice (summer) holiday!

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