Incompany training

The Journey through the Body training is also provided on an in-company basis.

A valuable training for promoting the professional development of your team.

Incompany training

The in company training gives you the opportunity to get your team trained at a location of your choice or online and in a way that suits you and your team best.

Minimum number of 6 participants.

The layout of the modules and training sessions/days is done in mutual consultation. The training will be given by Esther Arends, the founder of the program.

Content of the training

Modules 1-4 are dedicated to you and your role as a teacher of this program. You will experience and learn about the purpose, intention, building blocks and added value of the program and methodology. This enables you to start sharing the program from an experience based place and as a role model. You also will learn and explore the necessary mindful didactic skills that are important for teaching this program to your students and creating an optimal pedagogical climate in alignment with the curriculum’s intent.
Modules 5-8 are all about the practice. We delve into the class format and you will also receive practical tools for facilitating and implementing the classes tailored to your target group. Observing a class and practicing teaching yourself are part of the modules. At the end you will receive tips on how to successfully implement the program in your school, organization and/or your own company. After completing this training you will have all the necessary tools and experience to get started with the program right away!



After this training, participants can immediately apply the program to their practice and playfully & mindfully promote the well-being of children.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn:

✔  how to promote and increase three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth in children.

✔  how to create a deeper understanding of their own body and strengthen the relationship with their body by using learning through movement and play.

✔ understand the language of the body and interpret its signals and transfer this skill and knowledge to the students.

✔ body-centered methods and exercises from mindfulness to promote body awareness and listening to the signals of the body.

✔ the method body-centered education.

✔ what mindfulness is and how mindfulness is used in the program.

✔ mindful teacher skills (didactics) and how to use them to promote the three building blocks for a strong foundation as well as creating an optimal pedagogical climate and learning environment.

✔ learning to create a safe pedagogical climate and learning environment in which the child can develop freely and self-worth is promoted.

✔ recognizing and learning to deal constructively with “allergic reactions” to children.

✔ effectively setting boundaries for unacceptable behavior.

✔ deal effectively with difficult behavior.

✔ knowledge and experience of the class format, consisting of 5 steps.

✔ observing a Journey through the Body class given to children and reflecting on it.

✔ to teach independently and to apply the method and what has been learned over the training.

✔ practical tools and tips for integrating the program in their practice, school or organization.

✔ integrate the acquired knowledge and experience into their own life in order to promote their own personal development, well-being, and health and thereby give substance to the role of a role model.


Participants receive:



A wonderful and valuable program and training. And if you ask me, every school should invest in this. Not only for the kids but also for the teachers!

Lisette Vlieger, elementary school teacher - The Netherlands

The Journey through the Body training is recommended for anyone who wants to let children grow in their 'well-being' in a thoughtful, playful and varied way. The variety of teaching methods and learning styles, based on pedagogical learning principles, means that you can find the 'entrance' in every child to more body and self-awareness. As a participant you also go home with a suitcase full of mental and physical tools and an enthusiasm that encourages you to get started right away. With the training you not only bring the children you are working with closer to themselves, that also applies to yourself!

Els van Doorslaer, educational support coordinator and coach - Belgium

Every teacher must know about this program. Every training session was a unique experience full of (self) discovery!

Ana Okleva, early childhood professional - Bulgaria

I strongly recommend the training and curriculum Journey through the Body. It has been totally worth it, and I can experience the benefits of applying it for my students as for myself.

Sonia Garcia, elementary school teacher - Texas, USA

I highly recommend the Journey Through The Body teacher training course. The course has taught me to become more in tune with my body as well as learn how to help children become more in tune with theirs.

Shivani Jobanputra, children’s life coach - Colombo, Sri Lanka

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