8-week Live Online Training Journey through the Body

Through eight dynamic live online sessions, you will become a certified teacher.

Content of the training

During this 8 week journey, we meet every week for a 2-hour online live training session (important note, session 7 lasts 2.5 hours).

Weeks 1 – 4 are dedicated to you and your role as a teacher of this program. You will experience and learn about the purpose, intention, building blocks and added value of the program and methodology. This enables you to start sharing the program from an experience based place and as a role model. You also will learn and explore the necessary mindful didactic skills that are important for teaching this program to your students and creating an optimal pedagogical climate in alignment with the curriculum’s intent.

Weeks 5 – 8 are all about the practice. We delve into the class format and you will also receive practical tools for facilitating and implementing the classes tailored to your target group. Observing a class and practicing teaching yourself are part of the modules. At the end you will receive tips on how to successfully implement the program in your school, organization and/or your own company. After completing this training you will have all the necessary tools and experience to get started with the program right away!

The 2 hour sessions provide you with enough time to arrive, receive new knowledge, tools and experiences, to practice, reflect, and share/connect with the group.



Excl. 21% tax/vat and additional costs if applied to you.

You receive:


Module 1: Introduction & the three building blocks

Module 5: The Class Format

Module 2: Journey through your Body

Module 6: Observing a class


Module 3: Mindful didactics

Module 7: Teaching


Module 4: Heartful didactics

Module 8: Dreaming & Celebrating (certification)

Learning Objectives

As a participant of the training you learn:

✔  how to promote and increase three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth in children.
✔  how to create a deeper understanding of their own body and strengthen the relationship with their body by using learning through movement and play.
✔ understand the language of the body and interpret its signals and transfer this skill and knowledge to the students.
✔ body-centered methods and exercises from mindfulness to promote body awareness and listening to the signals of the body.
✔ the method body-centered education.
✔ what mindfulness is and how mindfulness is used in the program.
✔ mindful teacher skills (didactics) and how to use them to promote the three building blocks for a strong foundation as well as creating an optimal pedagogical climate and learning environment.
✔ learning to create a safe pedagogical climate and learning environment in which the child can develop freely and self-worth is promoted.
✔ recognizing and learning to deal constructively with “allergic reactions” to children.
✔ effectively setting boundaries for unacceptable behavior.
✔ deal effectively with difficult behavior.
✔ knowledge and experience of the class format, consisting of 5 steps.
✔ observing a Journey through the Body class given to children and reflecting on it.
✔ to teach independently and to apply the method and what has been learned over the training.
✔ practical tools and tips for integrating the program in your own practice, school or organization.
✔ integrate the acquired knowledge and experience into their own life in order to promote their own personal development, well-being, and health and thereby give substance to the role of a role model.

✔ how to succesfully implement the program into your business.


Waiting list teacher training

Journey through the Body does not offer new training courses at the moment. If you are interested in joining the online teacher training, please register for the waiting list below. You will be the first to get informed when a training is coming up.


I enjoyed “traveling” with Esther Arends. It was a journey of discovery for me as a teacher. I'm thinking again about positive, respectful, and heartfelt education! And now I have new tools to promote body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth through movement and play. This is how I give the children a valuable foundation in life and through this training, I also learned valuable life lessons myself.

Marianne van Linschooten, early childhood educator - Netherlands

This training is incredible valuable for teachers and anyone who will ever be interacting with children! Through beautifully crafted experiences of learning about self-awareness, body awareness and self-worth, this training provides a deep dive into the self first and then from there a journey into powerful ways to connect with children and through that connection guide them into connecting with themselves more deeply.

Christine Waljeski, movement teacher and school teacher - Santa Monica, USA

Our body, our home, that what we have with us all day, every minute, and which contains so much wisdom... and so often is forgotten, repressed, pushed away. Esther brings it to consciousness, from a place of experience and living the example. Translating it into very concrete and playful activities tailored to children. Education would become so much richer if this were included in the standard curriculum for becoming teachers. I am a supporter!

Sofie Rogge, special education teacher - Belgium

I found this course to be a wonderful compendium of creative ideas on how to teach mindful somatic practices to children. Using the building blocks of self-worth, body awareness and self-awareness the class structure is comprised of a series of complementary activities that are creative, fun and engaging for the children. Esther provides comprehensive resources for each of the suggested activities as well as placing equal focus on developing the skills required to teach children in a mindful, heart centered way. Completing this course left me feeling confident in my ability to take this program to children as well as a better self-knowledge of my teaching style and new skills to use going forward. I highly recommend this training!

Debbie Mickelborough, movement teacher - Auckland New Zealand


Yes, this training is online. The training sessions will take place through ZOOM, an online training platform. You will receive a link in your inbox before each session. That’s why it is important to have a good internet connection and a device in which the video and audio function works, so we can see and hear you.

Yes, the training sessions will be recorded, however the training is designed and intended that you attend the sessions live. 100% presence is a requirement for obtaining the certificate.

If you already know you will be unable to attend one session, it is best to get in touch with the trainer before booking. 100% presence is a requirement for obtaining the certificate. It may be possible to catch up a session at a different time.

No, no experiece is needed or required for attending this training.

If you are a business owner/self-employed or have a tax number and are registered in the EU, the tax will be transferred to you. You receive an invoice with your tax number and 0% tax/vat. You will have to pay the tax/vat in your own country.

If you are a business owner/self-employed or have a tax number and are registered outside the EU, it depends if your country levy tax for services/ training. You will receive an invoice with 0% tax.

If you register as a private person, it doesn’t matter if you are living in or outside the EU. In both cases you will be charged 21% tax.

Yes, that is possible. We have Incompany options available. Please contact us for a free quotation.


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