About the program

Journey through the Body is an educational and preventive curriculum that focuses on the well-being of children aged 4-8 years. It teaches them to listen to their bodies in a playful way and to take good care of themselves.


Through a creative journey of discovery through the different body parts, in which body-centered education, mindfulness, movement (movement games, dance, yoga), visualization exercises and drawing are fixed components, three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life are stimulated: body awareness, self-awareness, and self-worth.

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Target group

The program focuses on boys and girls between the ages of four and eight. An important age phase in which children absorb information that will influence them for the rest of their life. The program has been developed for primary education, special education, and afterschool programs.

The training has been developed for teachers, educators, teaching and class assistants, pedagogical staff, PE teachers, dance and movement teachers.

It is also used by life coaches for kids, (remedial) educationalists, and psychomotor therapists. In short: professionals working with children and who want to enhance the well-being of children in a body-centered way. 


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The aim of the program

The aim of the Journey through the Body curriculum is to playfully promote and increase three essential building blocks for a strong foundation in life: body awareness, self-awareness and self-worth.

Body awareness

Visible & Maesurable results in children

✔ Improved self-regulation of emotions, stress, tension, and stimuli

✔ Improved coordination, body control, and motor skills

✔ Increased body awareness

✔ More concentration and focus

✔ More relaxation and peace

Content & class format

Through a series of eight creative lessons, the children are taken on an adventure through their own bodies. Each class focuses on a specific body part. In the last class all body parts are connected to each other and the whole body as a unit is the focus.

The class format consists of 5 steps through which the different body parts are explored, discovered and experienced in a playful way.

  • Step 1: Science – information and exploration exercises to increase knowledge about one’s own body.
  • Step 2: Movement – movement games, dance and yoga.
  • Step 3: Dreaming – guided relaxation and visualization exercise.
  • Step 4: Drawing – creative processing and anchoring of the knowledge and experiences gained in class.
  • Step 5: Celebrating – receiving and giving compliments.

Mindfulness is the common thread that runs through the entire program.

Watch compilation

My feet say to me: How nice that you listen to us and take care of us.

Thibo, age 7

My body told me to stay in my feet.

Ruhab, age 7

And suddenly there was a feeling that started in my stomach and went up like a snake. All the way into my head. Suddenly I felt very happy and warm inside. Now my head and my feeling really belong together!

Sam, age 7

My heart told me not to give up.

Sara, age 6



In the educational practice we talk a lot about autonomy and the importance of ownership of a child’s own learning process. Due to the unique combination of (holistic) knowledge about one's own body, the combination of movement and at the same time awareness of sensory perception, children actually come into contact with themselves on a deeper level.

Mirjam Scheepers, early childhood educator and dance teacher

The Journey through the Body lessons helped my son find more balance between his body and thoughts. He has experienced that his body and mind belong together. I have seen and felt that my child is now more himself and allows himself to be who he is.

Sam's mother (Sam age 7)

We often don't realize how important it is to feel happy in our skin and good about ourselves until we are adults. Having a good relationship with your body and awareness of emotions determine the quality of your life. We all want to teach our children that, but how? I had the privilege to experience a workshop Journey through the Body together with the children of the afterschool program. It was an educational and fun activity for the children and certainly also for me! It includes so many great things: movement, playful exercises, art, language, feelings and certainly fun. I have booked the complete class series!

Alina Tokarska, afterschool teacher

This method is a gift to every child and, as I have now experienced in the training, for every teacher as well. Very much needed!

Laurian Kip, teacher

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