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Become a certified Journey through the Body teacher and playfully promote children’s wellbeing. You can choose to participate in an 8-week live online training or get your team trained through an In-company training.


A training that allows you to embody a new program in an experiential way and to deepen your professional and personal development.

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General information

By participating in the training you will familiarize yourself with the theory and practice of the method. After completion you can immediately start using the program and you will have a powerful tool with which you can playfully help children to get to know their bodies and learn its language, regulate stress, tension and emotions, to process stimuli, to improve concentration and focus, ground in their bodies, feel and indicate boundaries, promote motor development and to develop a positive self and body image. In short: to teach children to listen to their bodies and enhance their overall well-being.

This training accredits to teaching the Journey through the Body curriculum to children as established in the book. This training expressly does not accredit to providing training (in any form and with any intention) to adults and professionals.

This training is designed for:

Experience in movement, dance and yoga isn’t necessary.

Choose your training:

8-week Live Online Training

Get certified from the comfort of your own home through eight dynamic live online sessions.

Incompany Training

Get your team certified at a location of your choice or online. We tailor the training and training days to your preferences.



The strength of this training and of the trainer lies in the development I have been able to go through as a person this weekend and the self-awareness it has brought me. And I am more than grateful to Esther for that. This makes Journey through the body so different from the many other courses I've followed over the years.

Ilse Westdijk, dance teacher and psychomotor coach for children

This is truly a training that goes straight into your heart! Thanks to the practical approach, I can get started right away with teaching this curriculum. Definitely recommended for people who want to add something to a healthy foundation of every child!

Anneleen Valstar- Veerman, special education teacher

A journey full of learning about a wonderful program with an amazing trainer. I look forward very much to being able to give my students the opportunity to experience and enjoy all the benefits of this program. I would love to have had the chance to participate in a class like this as a child.

Siobhan Phillips, elementary school teacher

This training is a journey you will never forget!

Ina Manakane - Vegelin, trainer and life coach for children

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